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Terms and Conditions

•     We do not allow any smoking in our limousines; we like to keep our limousines clean and fresh for future customers.

•     Any additional waiting time will be charged at £100 per hour for the limousines and £150 for the hummers and doubled after midnight.

•    Extra pick ups and drop offs will be charged at an additional rate unless pre-arranged

•    If anyone is redeemed unfit through drink or drugs the driver has the right to refuse the to take them

•    Anyone caught using drugs will be reported to the police.

•    We reserve the right to charge a £200.00 clean up charge in the event that someone becomes sick in the limousine or excessive-spilling of beverages or food.

•    Reservation times will be enforced with no exceptions. If you wish to extend your time, there must be no interference with any current reservations with that limousine for that day. All monies must be paid to the driver in full before the extra time can occur.

•    The person who reserves the limousine will be held liable for any damages accrued to the limousine by any person in the vehicle-during the time it is reserved for.

•    Everyone must be 18 years of age for alcohol to be allowed in the limousine.

•    Our chauffeurs reserve the right to terminate the run under any circumstances that may endanger him/her or/and the vehicle without refund

• Upon pickup the total amount is due before anyone is allowed to enter the limousine.

• We do not accept cheques on the day of service.  Cash is always accepted.

• We do not accept any responsibility for missed appointments, reservations and airline departures due to mechanical failure, bad weather, traffic congestion or any reason.

• All sales are final and all deposits (reservation fees - if canceling-) are non-refundable.

• If cancelled on the day a charge of 50% will be taken from the person who reserved the limousine.

• We are not responsible for items left in the limousine. A delivery fee to return the item will be charged.

• We reserve the right to change limousine companies at anytime.

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